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Looking for the Pelican Pioneer 100Xr Kayak?. Read know more.

Do you want to go fishing on calm and tranquil waters with a pelican boat but you are not sure which one to buy as you have read a lot of things about various pelican boats but are still confused because on every website reviews are different, everyone has a different view on different pelican boats.

But now your research has ended as you have found the right article because this article has an honest opinion about the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak.

After reading this article your mind will be cleared and you will get to know all about the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak.

This article has reviews, features, qualities, and all the knowledge you need to know to buy the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak. 

The pelican always makes comfortable stuff for its customers so that they can provide stability and rigidity while Kayaking.

It is made so much stable so that it is easy for the beginners and learners to learn because they might get imbalance while learning but this Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak won’t let them ruin their first experience or their practicing because they make sure that their customers or Kayakers are satisfied with the product and for them, their customer’s safety is the top priority.

All of these reasons help the people who chose the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak because they know that this is an amazing fishing Kayak and they will have a great ride and will not regret it. 

Before knowing about the reviews and the features let us know about this product. 

About The Product

Well, firstly it does not matter that the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak is used by a beginner, a learner or an intermediate person while Kayaking because it provides great stability for all the Kayakers. It is super comfortable for everyone and you can adjust the seat and footrests according to your height.

The Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak provides you a great time during fishing and water rides. It boosts your energy to another level.

The excites you to have a really good and adventurous time during Kayaking. This 10 sit-inside Kayak offers fantastic agility and stability to its customers.

Along with this, the  Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak provides high premium quality of comfort and convenience to the Kayakers.

The seating system is portable, that is you can use the seat to sit elsewhere also if you want to sit somewhere at the corner like if you are tired of sitting in the boat, so you can take the seat out and rest for a while and then continue your fishing.

It also has adjustable footrests and knee pads. Everything that is present in the  Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak is just to provide the Kayakers comfort and is there so that they do not have to face any inconvenience while Kayaking. 

Features Of The Pelican Pioneer 100Xr Kayak

  • The Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak is a 10 sit-inside Kayak, sit-inside means while paddling if the water splashes then very less water will come at your lap or the cockpit
  • This Kayak is a perfect boat for beginners and anglers
  • It has great stability to offer to its Kayakers
  • It even provides maneuverability
  • The material through which the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak is constructed is the Pelican’s patented RAM-X material which is absolutely premium
  • We know that the RAM-X material is of great quality, so this material also provides awesome rigidity to the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak
  • The weight is very light, it is not too heavy
  • The RAM-X material even provides durability 
  • The handles that are used for carrying stuff are Ergonomic which means this material is used so that it does not provide any harm to the person sitting in the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak
  • Handles are present for the transport to be made efficient and easy
  • All these materials are also responsible for the stability of the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak and because of these materials only the boat rides very calmly and easily on the water 
  • The seating is portable in the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak and is made of Ergocoat material
  • One special thing about the seat is that it is portable, now you might be wondering in what manner it is portable? So let me tell you, of course, you will not use the seat to keep in water or put it on the water and then sit on it, no it is nothing like that.
  • The word portable here means that while Kayaking if you get tired or you want to get a break and relax in nature or eat your lunch or snacks, you can definitely do that with the help of this seat.
  • You can take the seat out of the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak and then put it on the ground and then sit there and enjoy the weather while taking a break and eating something. This portable seat makes a really good beach chair and you can relax on it.
  • So now we know that the seating is comfortable as well as portable you can even go for long trips for the purpose of fishing and Kayaking of course 
  • The footrests that are present on the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak are also adjustable and that is really appreciable as you can adjust them according to your height
  • Knee pads of premium quality are present so it can provide cushioned comfort to the Kayakers while fishing or Kayaking
  • Behind the portable seat, a storage bag is also present which is a big storage area to keep your things along with you. It has a grey colored sheet inside it
  • The hatches that are present are also upgraded
  • The storage bags and the upgraded hatches are the means to easy transport of gear
  • At the left side of your seat, a cage is present you can also call it a holder so that is present to keep your water bottle inside it, so that whenever you get thirsty you can take your water bottle take a sip, feel hydrated again and then you are good to go
  • Except for the water cage, a secondary water bottle holder is also present in the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak
  • For a steady and secured ride, twin-arched multichine is used and its hull is used to provide excellent stability to the Kayakers  
  • Two Flush mount holders are also present in the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak 
  • The style of this boat is PIONEER 100XR
  • At the front two rigging holder, one at the front left and the other at the front right is present, this is to keep your any accessory or your camera like if you want to shoot your whole Kayaking experience or if you are a vlogger, so you can record it.
  • The make a vlog for your youtube channel or make reels and stories and create new posts for your Instagram handle. 
  • Another bungee cord holder is at the outside of the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak to keep your paddles along with you, these cords are so tight that they will not let you lose your paddles
  • Two criss-cross bungee cords are also present at the front and that is to your whole day essentials such as lunch box, your coat, or a small bag or like whatever you may need while you are on your trip
  • Just in front of your seat, you will have a bungee cord to keep your mobile phone, it is kept close so that you can reach your phone just at your arm’s distance
  • Above all, last but not the least, it is very comfortable and you can enjoy your whole trip without any stress

Specifications Or Dimensions Of The Pelican Pioneer 100Xr Kayak

  • The length of the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak is 10’ and in cm, it is 305cm
  • Its depth is 12.75’’ and in cm, it is 32cm
  • The beam of the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak is 29” and in cm, it is 74cm
  • The width of the cockpit is 25” and in cm, it is 64cm
  • The length of the cockpit is 48” and in cm, it is 122cm 
  • The weight of the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak is 43lbs, which means in kilogram it will be 19.5kg
  • The platform of storage is a mesh deck cover 
  • The capacity of holding a person means the weight that the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak can hold is 300lbs and that is 136kg and in pounds, it is 300 pounds
  • The material that is used to make the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak is RAM-X premium
  • The brand name is Pelican Premium
  • The Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak is made in the united states of America or it is imported
  • The overall customer ratings are 4.5 out of 5

About The Material Of The Pelican Pioneer 100Xr Kayak

  • The most important and interesting thing about the material is that it is impact resistant
  • It is also water-resistant, which means of course the water can sometimes come on you a little bit if you splash it, but it will definitely not come on you if you very calmly do your Kayaking on tranquil and not too rough water
  • The material is polyethylene which is a very good material for making the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak
  • It also has the ability to regain its shape itself if it encounters a rough hit while you are fishing the Kayak
  • Its coating is done by the UV-protected exterior finishing
  • This coating is so damn good that it not only protects the Kayakers but also the Kayak from the sun;’s harmful rays and increases the life of your wonderful Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak
  • The technology that is used in the built-in of the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak is Twin Sheet Thermoforming, in short form, it is said TST technology 
  • This technology makes sure that while the manufacturing of the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak is done greatly so that it does not cause any sort of inconvenience to the Kayakers
  • The TST technology also makes sure that while the making of the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak the end product should be lightweight, it should be stable and provide rigidity.
  • The agility to the Kayakers, the Kayakers who will go on fishing should have a comfortable ride and so this is also one of the reasons that the seat is so adjustable, comfortable, and portable.
  • When we compare this technology and material with other materials through which the simple boats are made, then we realize that this material is an amazing one and is perfect for Kayaking 
  • It is even lighter from the other models such as Sun Dolphin, lifetime, perception, etc. this all is because of this fabulous material
  • Earlier plastic was involved in the making of the Kayaks but now it has been removed, the melting and molding of the plastic in the making of the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak have been removed because removing this the quality of the pelican kayak has been increased.
  • The use of plastic made it brittle and the life of a kayak was less. Using plastic also had an impact on the integrity, it lost its integrity.

The Pros And Cons Of The Pelican Pioneer 100Xr Kayak


  • The biggest pro of the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak is that it has been designed for long-distance traveling, which means it has long life reputation to hold
  • It does not compromise with the quality, because for them their customer is their top priority  
  • They have a really strong interest in providing high-quality craftsmanship to the Kayakers
  • They do not charge extra for the qualities they provide to their customers 
  • The Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak is super affordable 
  • They are so strong that they do not break down easily
  •  They have a lot of designs and a lot of storage to keep your daily essentials while fishing Kayaking
  • The lightweight quality is also important as it is easy to carry and dive into the world of Kayaking look-wise the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak is very attractive 


  • All the manufacturers out there put their energy into making the best parts of the kayaks like the seat, fishing kayak, or adjustable footrests, and like it is different for different purposes so you need to think and figure out that for what purpose you need the Kayak, and then buy the right Kayak for yourself

The Pelican Pioneer 100X Kayak Should Be Bought By Who?

Well, the answer to this question is very simple and that is – ANYONE! Yes anyone can buy this pelican pioneer as long as they are interested in Kayaking and fishing in a Kayak.

If they love a comfortable seat, they can not stay away from their mobile phone and want to record the beauty of nature while enjoying the adventure.

This is the best thing because they can do Kayaking and record as well by keeping their essentials in the boat. This Kayaking is something that can be learned by anyone who is willing to.

Beginners also need not be scared because the companies have been manufacturing the Pelican Pioneer 100xr Kayak for approximately more than 50 years so they obviously make sure that anyone who buys their product remains safe during the adventure or you can say trip or Kayaking. 

Let Me Tell You About The Reviews Of The Pelican Pioneer 100Xr Kayak Which Some Customers Wrote And Have Personally Experienced

  • One person wrote that the balance is very good and even the stability in water
  • Someone wrote that he got it at an amazing price and is super comfortable 
  • A guy wrote that he as a beginner is loving his experience as he can record nature’s beauty and learn Kayaking as well


That wraps up our discussion about the Pelican Pioneer 100Xr Kayak. If you’re looking for Pelican Trailblazer 100 Nxt Kayak Review or maybe the Modular Kayak Review, we have you covered!

By reading this whole article, you have gradually figured out which kayak would be best for you if you want to learn kayaking. I am sure that you wouldn’t regret buying any one of them. Also, you can check out the prices on Amazon as there are different variants and designs available, so choose whichever suits you best.

I really hope this article has cleared your doubts and now you can go and learn Kayaking or even if you know how to do it then you can buy this one in particular and have fun. 

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