Modular Kayak Review & Guide

Modular Kayak Review

Looking for the Best Modular Kayak Review & Guide? Read on.

If you are bored up of the old traditional Kayak then modern Kayak is a great alternative to go for because these are much easier to use and they are much easier to carry as well when compared to traditional or old kayaks they take less storage than compared to other kayaks and this is the main reason why people are buying modular kayaks and that’s why today we are going to review and tell you about the modern kayaks that why and how and which type of modern kayak you should buy.

If you are hearing for the first time about a modern Kayak, you might wonder how this works. So let us first explain how these Modern Kayaks work for your better understanding, Modern Kayaks come with a special design that makes them easy to transport and travel with. These kayaks are much easier for floating as well as these are modern kayaks not only that look modern but they work also very modern and efficiently when you use these. 

If you are ready to ride a Kayak then the pieces will easily snap together so that the water cuts down easily for performance so that you can get the best type of performance and you will enjoy this with the standard hardshell case only and if you are talking in several pieces then you will find modular kayaks with a minimum of two pieces.

Modular kayaks are also available in solo and tender mint alignments and are adaptable to your performance type for added versatility as well these are available in sit on top or sit inside where it is depending on the type of paddling you do or like to do.

This was a brief introduction of what Modular Kayaks are and now let’s talk about the top 4 Modern Kayaks that you should look for.

Modular Kayak Review

1. Point 65 Kingfisher Solo

If you love the ease of pedal-driven kayaks then this is the best and is only made for you. A user of this Kayak is that it features a crimson style design that makes it fast and stable as well this provides you much more confidence as compared to other Kayaks when you are moving at a higher speed or you are stuck in some bad weather than this helps a lot.

If you need a Kayak for fishing then also it can be a good option for you it has tracks on both sides for attaching your favorite fishing accessories and it gives you an elevated advantage which helps you in your fishing up to a great extent.

This can break down into two pieces each of 37 Pounds weight and the total weight is approx 70 pounds and it offers a max weight capacity of 287 pounds.

The pedal-driven system of this modular Kayak allows you to keep your hands free while operating your fishing pole which provides you great convenience while fishing as well.

This is a sit on top design so you don’t have to worry about fitting into a small cockpit instead it is a raised chair on this Kayak and it is also adjustable to multiple positions and due to this if you are buying it for more than one person this becomes a very strong point for you to buy this Kayak because when different people ride a Kayak then different heights and width of people matters a lot whether they will fit in it or not and the adjustable feature given in this helps us to a great extent.

2. Point 65 Tequila GTX angular solo

This is kept at the second point and it is also a sit on top and can easily break down into two pieces depending upon your need and as it breaks down into two pieces you can easily travel with it without any problem for space, this can turn into a Kayak for fishing as well but when it is a single peddler it measures approx 9 feet and 8 inches long and 29.5 feet wide.

Talking about the weight described which is 48.5 pounds which is the lightest in the segment of modular Kayak and it can boast up to 265 pounds of weight along with it.

This is also equipped with a lot of features like flush-mounted fishing rod holders and third swelling deck mounted rod holders and its seat is also adjustable according to your physique so this can also be used by multiple people if you share it with someone.

This also includes mounts that allowed additional fishing accessories along with it so it is also one of the best Kayak for fishing if you are enthusiastic else the point 65 Kingfisher solo will do your work flawlessly.

3. 65 Martini GTX tender mint set Modern Kayak

It is designed keeping in mind both kids and adults and there is no need to buy two packs differently because it is a two in one and that has a lot of features along with it and is equipped with an air seat and is prepared to accommodate aftermarket fishing equipment as well and its multiple parallels park free your mind and hands to handle all the fishing you need.

So, overall it is a very good Kayak if you consider it as a fishing Kayak just a few features for counting are missing that can be added aftermarket rest everything in it is best according to to the specs talking about the capacity it can boost up to you talking about the dimension it is 13 feet 8 inches long 27.6 inches wide and its cockpit size is also decent and special it is a sit on top Kayak so different people can easily shop in even if they are extremely of different sizes and physique.

4. Point 65 markari GTX solo

This is a modular Kayak and a unique thing about this is that it can break up into 3 pieces and it makes a much easier to travel with because it doesn’t equate to much space when broken down the robbery finish given in this Kayak will help you to a great extent

When you are battling through the Rough windy conditions out on the water and talking about the specifications this 13 inch 13 feet, 6 inches long 23.6 inches wide and 11.8 inches deep and it weights for around 55 pounds and each piece weighs 25 pounds less than 25 Pounds when you break down each piece.

It can boast up to 286 pounds of weight and space is also plenty of different people have to walk into it so that the square can also be bought for multi-purpose uses and the fishing cannot be done to a great extent in this kind because a lot of features are missing in it, the other users to get it can be converted to the purchase of an additional piece

A reason to buy this model can be that it’s adaptable on one or two peddler’s depending upon your need, it’s certainly a solo model but it always retains the option to purchase additional midsection to turn it into a high-performance Kayak, this has got an integrated sketch system which makes it easier to keep it tracking straighter and in less favorable weather conditions as well

Buyers guide

While buying a Kayak you might get a lot confused about different options and you might even be confused about your requirements because there are multiple users and multiple things that you can try out with the Kayak so let’s figure out that what things you should consider while buying a Kayak.

  • Weight capacity

Max weight capacity is one of the most important things while searching for a modern Kayak and you should look at that should at least have a weight capacity of approx 200 pounds or much more than that just keep into mind the performance should also be a bit better because the power to weight ratio comes into play at this point of time and you should never forget about the safety equipment and additional years to protect yourself while riding in a Kayak.

  • Number of sections

It doesn’t matter but the more number of sections of Kayak can be broken down into it means that it is much easier to carry with so generally Modern kayaks come with two sections but a few of them even come with breaking pieces of three sections so the number of sections more than breakdown that much better it will be for you to carry it but for a minimum condition it should have a minimum of two number of pieces to break down.

  • Sit on top versus sit inside

There is a vast difference between sit on top and sit inside while buying a Kayak if you are yet confused between the two things then let me first explain that what does these two things actually mean sit on top means that you are sitting at the top of a Kayak and the size and the dimension of your body doesn’t really matter at this point of time because there is a lot of roomy area on the top of a Kayak because you are not fitting into something but when it comes into a sit inside it means that you are snug-fitting into a whole.

Over here your body dimension and size matter in a lot more ways and according to me sit on top is a much better option to go for because this type of Kyak can be used by multiple people at different points of time depending upon your need but a sit inside Kayak can’t be operated by many people because different people have the different physique and a good option of sit on top is also that those are adjustable as well but a sit inside is not adjustable so if multiple people will be using a single Kayak then you should go with the sit on top Kayak and if you want personal Kayak and you don’t want to share it with your friends then definitely you should go with the sit inside Modern Kayak.

  • Dimension

This plays a very important role because the bigger the Kayak the slower it will be and the smaller the Kayak that much unstable it will be over here you might get a bit confused because this is also something like power to weight ratio simply you can say that the wider and the bigger your Kayak is,

The more stable it is but the smaller and more narrow your Kayak is much more stable it becomes but it becomes even faster when it’s narrow and smaller so you need to keep a very well balance between the two things, it shouldn’t be a lot wider and neither should be too small and narrower because at that point of time it becomes unstable as well according to me you should find a great balance between the dimension and performance so that a single kayak is well versed in all situations when it comes to performances stability fitments.

  • Cockpit size

This matters a lot when you are buying a sit inside Kayak because according to your physique dimension you should go for the size if you are 6 feet or much more than you should look for large or extra-large size but if you are a small or medium person then you can try the normal sizes. But if you are buying a set on top kayak then the cockpit size doesn’t matter a lot because sit on top Kayak has an adjustable seat and it provides much more air and room for your legs and thighs.

  • Hull  design

If you don’t know about hull design then let me tell you that it means the design of back from base and front. There are different designs like around the design, v shape design, flat and a pontoon design and talking about the base of the Kayak there are two different designs like a more Rocker one and a less rock design all the things differ in a lot of different ways as a rounded design will provide much stability but performance gets degraded instead in a v shape your performance.

You should buy a less Rocker if water is not too wavy and waves are not of a high speed but if water is too wavy where are you decide your Kayak to ride then you should buy a more rocket design because it can handle different situations accordingly.

This is the buying guide that you should consider before buying a Kayak for yourself but if you think that you need a great balance of performance and stability then you should give a lot of emphasis to the design of your Kayak and the type of material you opt for but if you are not a too adventurous person and you like to ride slowly you can go with the flat or a simple design.

So that it provides you good stability at a slow speed. If you get confused between different types and your requirements then I think that you should give it a read once again but if you are a bit confused then you should give a lot of emphasis upon your requirements and type of person you are because you know the best about yourself, not anyone else so only you can decide that you want a high speed for stability or a slow speed? 

With stability, I think that you have to choose between high and low speed only because stability is always important either you are at high speed or low speed because stability gives you confidence and a lot of riding enthusiasts can give up on stability only if they get a huge increase in their performance but it is for those who take this riding as intense passion to the next level and for a daily rider I think stability is as much more concern as it comes to safety and the confidence that you get while riding.

One more thing that you should emphasize is the safety of yourself so for this, you should buy safety gloves and equipment while riding a Kayak and especially you should first secure yourself then your Kayak and other belongings.

The three modern Kayaks that I have told you are the best in the market that you can buy and these modern kayaks give you a good balance of modern and traditional methods and these are easier to carry with and can increase your fun and adventure to a great extent.

Advantages of using a modern Kayak

  • It provides good portability
  • It gives you a good balance of performance and stability
  • Is easy to use
  • Gives a lot of variety of set on top and sit inside options
  • Gives multiple functions for fishing and other fun activities as well
  • Made for both enthusiast and slow Riders

Reasons To Buy a Kayak

There can be multiple reasons to buy a Kayak, very first of which can be that you want to get a lot of fun and adventure from your Kayak, another reason can be that you are an enthusiastic person and when you are on a holiday or you are laying down with your phone then to cut down that time getting into a physical fun activity is much more healthy,

Constructive and effective as compared to laying down and sitting on your phone so according to me these two are the main strong reasons why you should buy a Kayak now let’s consider some other small factors that make a strong point for buying a Kayak.

If you buy a Kayak you can spend a good amount of healthy time with your friends and family member which can bring up a lot of memorable moments for you as well and this is also a fun activity that a lot of people enjoy doing,

You can even interact with a lot of different people when you go to the pond or lake and definitely when you are outside you will learn a lot of new things or you will observe some of the things and learn multiple things from that as well.

Best Modular Kayak Review – FAQs

  • How can I take good stability with the high speed in a modern Kayak?

This is a very difficult question because even the professionals who are riding at a great level still have this confusion in their mind that how can they increase their performance but some basic rules that you should consider are that your kayaks base shouldn’t be too wider and should not be too long as well and the weight of the Kayak should be less and don’t forget that your weight should also be a bit less so that you get an additional boost in the performance and you should especially give emphasis upon the base of the Kayak that it should be v designed.

It can give you some issues regarding stability but when you ride for few hours and get a bit of practice then you will slowly and steadily develop good confidence and it will hardly take two to three days to develop good confidence in a v-shaped Kayak and if you develop that confidence you will be the only one who wins the race all time and the secret ingredient for this would be power to weight ratio along with the dimension and the v-shaped shell that cuts the air and water easily.

It can give you some issues regarding stability but when you ride for few hours and get a bit of practice then you will slowly and steadily develop good confidence and it will hardly take two to three days to develop good confidence in a v-shaped Kayak and if you develop that confidence you will be the only one who wins the race all time and the secret ingredient for this would be power to weight ratio along with the dimension and the v-shaped shell that cuts the air and water easily.

  • What things should be considered for buying a Kayak for fishing?

If you are buying a modern Kayak for fishing then I don’t think that you would be considering of fast high-performance Kayak because in fishing you would be generally located at a single point and stability should be much more concern and not performing so for stability you should go with the broader and a bigger Kayak so that while fishing if you catch fish and if it pulls you then you can easily.

With the help of that Kayak pulls out a fish with fewer efforts only and you don’t yourself tremble into the water so for this you should give special emphasis on stability and not to performance and some additional features that you should look into a Kayak is that it has a fishing rod point where you can place the rod and it should have some multiple hooks along with some storage spaces and special you should get a sit on the top kayak so that there is a lot of room around you to carry different stuff or to operate different things.

  • How to increase the stability of a Kayak?

You can easily increase the stability of it by following some simple steps firstly your Kayak should be much broader so that your stability is increased in it. It should not be V-shaped and the bottom should also be flatter along with that its dimension should be bigger, a simple rule over here is that the bigger your Kayak the much more stability you get with it.

Conclusion For Modular Kayak Review

So these are the top three Kayaks that you can look for and according to me, the first Kayak is the best because it has all features in it and provides you the best of both the word that is performance and stability and is great value for money proposition as well.

It doesn’t mean that the other two are bad but if you are a rider who loves high speed and needs stability to boost up your confidence when the priority is the best performance for you because it gets multiple features as well and fishing can also be done easily in it.

How can be used by multiple riders as well because it is a set on top Kayak and it can also boost up to a high amount of weight in it as compared to the other two Kayaks so, getting all in a single piece is a good option and should be considered it from our side. 

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